8 to 8 Cigars has a huge selection of some of the most popular cigar brands and accessories. Humidors line the walls with hundreds of lines of cigars to choose from. From the un-banded deals to Davidoff, Padron, Byron & Atabey we have a massive collection of premium cigars available. Our wide selection of humidors, lighters, cutters and ashtrays provides a good mix of manufacturers and price points.

The main retail floor is a smoking lounge and has a high-back chair section so you can sit back and relax while enjoying a cigar. Have a little extra work to get done? We have tables and chairs available up front to plug in and get it done in style.

Our Public Smoking Lounge has TVs and high-back chairs to watch a game or have a conversation with your friends.

The walk-in humidor is where we keep boxes of cigars at the perfect humidity level for optimal enjoyment. A great selection of boxes for every occasion.

The Rare & Vintage Room houses all our Limited Edition and aged cigars. Rare gems and unicorns can be found if you’re looking. Ask one of our representatives for a tour of our finest.